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    In New Lebanon, NY, one auto tune up service stands above the rest. At Godfroys Service Station, we provide exemplary repair service and thorough inspections that keep your car running at peak performance.
    We are committed to ensuring your safety, helping your car run smoothly in all facets. From the brakes to the transmission, our car diagnostic services find and solve your problem.
    Trust your car again and feel safe on the open road. We’ll help you get there at Godfroys Service Station in New Lebanon, NY.
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Our Services

Auto repair
Auto Repair

You can’t take chances when it comes to auto repair. We provide professional auto service that you can rely on. From transmission service to exhaust repair, we do everything we can to ensure your vehicle is safe for the road.

Oil change
Oil Change Service

Maintaining your car’s oil is key to its longevity. We provide an oil change service to help you keep your automobile in good condition and advise you on any maintenance that is required.

Tire service
Tire Shop

Whether you need a new spare or a whole new set of tires, our tire shop has got you covered. We also provide a wheel alignment service, so whatever you need for your wheels, you can trust Godfroys Service Station in New Lebanon, NY to take care of you.

Brake service
Brake Services

Faulty brakes can result in horrible accidents. We provide brake services that ensure your vehicle stops when you need it to.

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